Wednesday, May 13, 2009

An instant cure

"Take the train," she said. "Whoever has taken the train has been cured."

"Yeah, well, you know... I like this pain. It makes me feel alive."

"I know about your masochist tendencies. But its not like you are bleeding and you get to lick your wounds and drink your blood, you know. This is muscle pain. You are getting old and you need to act your age. Enough of this exercise. You heave your chest and flex your limbs like you are all of 16, but you are growing no younger you know. You stretched yourself too far and now your bloody back hurts."

"Bah!! In my heart I'm always 16, and you know that. As long as the mind is young, the body will obey. You just feel old yourself and are venting it out on me."

"Fine, whatever you say. But for now, just go and board the goddamn train. I'm getting more bored here while you lie in bed doing nothing."

"What train is this? I don't want to move an inch."

"Oh, but you must, you know. You have to move. Come, I'll help you. The nearest stop is pretty close, the station of Aah."

"Fine, I'll move, I'll move. And where do I get off??"

"At the station of Aaha. They have a space-time warp there which will bring you back here."

"Oh cool. So what's this train called?"

"Moov. Aah se Aaha tak. Instant cure."

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Laaeef @ Yem-Bee-Yay

It all began on a hot bright sunny day
At the end of a work-heavy month of May
I headed off to do my Yem-Bee-Yay
In a B-school called Yaay Yaay Yem-Kay!!

To begin with there was a teeny little prep course
But I didn't have it so at home I worked on my snores
I finally land there, hoping to meet more than bores
And keen to unleash the full power of the Force!!

First I had to endure gruelling sessions of Micro-eco
I found refuge in the fantasy world of Naruto
As ninjas fought and killed and yelled "Dattebayo"
Studies totally ignored, grades plummeted!! Aiyo!!

As more profs came by with more and more to teach
I got hooked to the death gods and hollows of Bleach
Of course, stats and all that is essential for a global outreach
But teach me any more and I'll collapse with a screech!!

Marketing, finance, operations, so much of it!! Yike!!
Took my anger out on some poor bots in Counter Strike
Karimeen Pollichattu at Paragon, travelling on a bike
Missing out on city trips due to some stupid strike!!

Along came HR people, to force into our heads OB
No thanks, I'll watch Anakin fight Obi-wan-Kenobi
Star Wars did matter much more than that stuff to me
At least I could use the Force and set my mind free!!

Team meetings, chats, and class participation so fake
I'll sit shut and think of the next episode of Prison Break
Obviously in CP I scored a big duck, or is it a drake
No matter, in the end a good manager did I make!!
Luckily Atharva quizzes and informals were a craze
And was fun bamboozling people with Labyrinth - the maze
It all ensured the boredom otherwise did not me unfaze
How people can stare at a laptop all day, does me amaze!!

It took a whole year, and the arrival of Strategy
To infuse into academics some much needed energy
Fun talking of missions and visions and many a synergy
Time passed by, load reduced, slipped into lethargy!!

Of course, there was plenty of chips and colas and gum
And mess parties with concoctions of vodka-rum
Walks and jogs to help reduce the size of my tum
Birthdays to play football with a person's bum!!

Along came the recession, placements fell and fell
So switched to wordgames in Dublin, they went so well
Got a job, had loads of fun, how time flew I cannot tell
For suddenly there was the tolling of the convocation bell!!

Back to a job now, but I look back on every term so fun
Each better than the last, finally ending with half a dozen
With many a PJ, many a poem, and very many a pun
Sigh!! It's all over now... but sure did enjoy a ton!!