Sunday, January 25, 2009

2 since hell...

The light flickered. The walls darkened, as the lord of the dark threatened to engulf the room. Soul gripped by fear, as the shadows drew ever closer. Thought back to the time of the light.

The sun blazed brightly. Walked a few small steps and then gravity took over. The light turned from wave form to particle form and stopped the fall and the subsequent hurt. Was lifted by the light and set down in a safe place. Was gazed upon by the light all around me. Knew nothing else.

Light in all directions. Darkness in mind. Light so bright the darkness disappears. Light, light and then some more light. A world full of light.

Went away from the light. Entered a world of half darkness. Could still feel it from far far away. Occasional replenishments in the fountain of life. So much light.

An eclipse started. The sun was not worried. The danger would pass. Was not a normal eclipse. Triggered by a black hole. Eclipse passed. Black hole remained. Light started flickering.

Darkness grew. Not used to it. Falls still stopped by light. Power of light waning. Light still selfless as ever. Realized finally what it means to be without light.

Flickering increased. Darkness stronger now. More in my mind than outside. Felt fear.

Light fought but couldn't win. Gave its last burst of energy. Light went out. Saw a momentary glimpse of hell. Can't see it again.

2 since hell...