Friday, August 07, 2009

Thought stew!!

The mantis reared up its head, waiting for its prey to draw nearer. Closer the poor unsuspecting victim drew, its mind completely focused on the poetry of colors in the sky in the aftermath of the thunderstorm. Aah what hues. Aah the beauty of the spectacle. Surely this was worth gettin wet in the rain and watching lightning from under a tree, unsafe though it was. Closer, and closer, and closer, and closer. The mantis was patient, willing to wait till its prey was beyond safety.

Jodie jumped off the taxi just in time before the suicidal driver rammed the vehicle into the brick wall. The pots containing blue-violet flowers on top of the wall toppled with the force of the impact. One fell the side of the taxi, denting its hood. The other fell the other side onto Meg's head, preventing her from completing the song she was singing, cracking her skull, and killing her instantly, thus leaving Nick, who had recently forsaken everything to be with her, all alone. The color of his eyes blurred as they filled with tears over the death of the singer. But then humans are dolls manipulated by the great dice player. The victim, sitting on the wall, flew away all irritated at its disturbed siesta and contemplated moving far away to an obscure place like Imperial County or Cluj-Napoca, or maybe even an asteroid or a nebula. And it flew on until it saw the colors in the sky.

The short-tempered artist finished his paintings, while 6 British ships and several American warships drifted past his window. A tropical storm was brewing and power would soon be cut, but he had Lotus Notes which he would use to save his thoughts on his PC before the outage.  His painting was a masterpiece, changing colors with the angle of view, but it didnt beat his other big invention which identified humans' inner selves by looking into their eyes. Stanley grinned as he read the script because it had a happy ending, but that only applied to him and not to the poor victim.

The mantis grinned as only a mantis can, and snapped its jaws shut.


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"but it didnt beat his other big invention which identified humans' inner selves by looking into their eyes..". Now this would be an invention worth waiting for!

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