Thursday, April 28, 2005

SHM next to amorphous quartz...

The task is complete... the human race has been saved... and all it needed was to scratch a single metal surface... all the machines just rusted... and to think famous people who were chosen ones fought battles in their heads while all it needed was a penknife...
Well the next job was to get into a temporal warp and get back to the past... thus here I am, counting my last days in a 'reputed' institution, which has I guess made me madder than I was before.
My role as the leader of the (a*a*a) group is over; the mantle has passed to the crooked guy who likes doing things differently. They gave us an awesome sendoff; probably were eager to get rid of us as soon as possible so they could take control.
But all this talk has taken off track from the main reason I am writing this blog.

It all began when a computer situated in a place named after the hardest substance known crashed. This guy X, whose namesake ruled a part of the Middle East many hundred years back loved watching this show involving: 1. Self-obsessed actor, 2. Cleanliness freak, 3. Vegetarian, 4. Dumb mother, 5. Dino lover, 6. Joke cracker. So X watched the show daily, mainly concentrating on the gyno-assets, which always set off a trigger inside him. After the show, he would always enjoy the most basic pleasure a man can have alone.
So this comp crashed. X is shattered, and goes around looking for some other source of 'refreshment'. He finds solace in nicotine, but its not enough. Finally he decides to go to the residential abode of the rarer sex, as it is called in this place, to get what pleasure he can. Perching on top of a tree, he starts his observations.

The great soul was missing, so was the monk. They had suddenly got highly interested in travelling two score kilometers and listening to the Oasis song 'Cast no shadow'.
Crooked guy went looking for great soul, but could not find him. So the party continued without him. Great soul was maybe listening to another Oasis song then, one with four words, the fourth refering to shrubs. So an evening passes, and great soul probably has an awesome time, 'choosing' not to visit the party. Great soul and monk return, and are spotted with leggy lasses (who apparently were singing the 2nd Oasis song with them). Much ado about nothin, I would say!!

So X observes a 2*2 matrix with horizontal connects. The connects are moving, undergoing simple harmonic motion at a frequency of 1 every 5 seconds. Motion is is the shape of a parabolc curve pointing downward. News spreads.

Quartz often forms in deep rock fissures where the water table is high. In such cases, water seeps into the chemical structure, converting SiO2 to SiO2.2H2O, which is called.... well... guess. put fundaes...