Saturday, January 02, 2010

West by Northwest...

The warrior walked into the throne room. Big Chief Bartix was there, along with his trusted advisers. The warrior inwardly shuddered. He was as yet unititiated, a mere boy in the reckoning of his people, and here he was, in the throne room. He thought back to the time when he had been discovered by the tribe. A mere peddler he was, selling his wares across the lands, a job which gave him little pleasure, especially since there was little travel involved, thanks mainly to the carrier pigeon teleportation scheme developed by the druid Bezoix. And now he was being considered for an important infiltration mission, just a few moons into his entry into the ranks of the tribe's warriors.
Bartix told him his role, he was to travel west by northwest, across the great seas, to the land of the houses with no doors, only windows. And there his tasks were to be done. But that is a story yet to come to pass, and owing to a low midichlorian count, the author of these histories is incapable of recording the future at this current point.
The preparations began in right earnest. The warrior had all the tools of his trade, and he also contracted the Dentrassis who would fly him to his destination. And he took with him his furs to combat the white rain, and rations aplenty, for the palatibity of the food of the alien lands was in question.
As he entered the belly of the great white beast, the Dentrassis handed him 6 pints of ale, to numb his sensations and ease the pain of the journey. And the warrior, who liked his ale as much as any self-respecting warrior does, helped himself to loads of it. Running away from the setting sun, the journey was accomplished in eternal light. Northwest the beast flew, and the warrior lay ensconced in its belly content.
As the strength of the beast sagged, the Empire came into view. The Empire had ruled the world for many centuries, and was a major force today in spite of many dominions asserting their freedom. The warrior ran through the streets of the Empire, looking for the next beast to take him West. And after a lot of searching, the beast was located, and the warrior was subject to a stringent scan to ensure he carried no diseases to the land of the houses with no doors.
West this beast flew, and the warrior had a lot more ale, courtesy more Dentrassis. Several of his companions had trouble holding in their food and drink, prompting a visit from the disease controllers in the land of the houses with no doors. A cursory examination later, the warrior had arrived at his destination. Cold it was, but the rain was thankfully not white. The warrior made his way to the safe house, where Dynamix awaited him, and waited for his mission to commence.


At 02 January, 2010, Blogger mittushi blipped...

haha.. what did the warrior do in terms of celebrations?? :P

At 02 January, 2010, Blogger Nirupama blipped...

Will the warrior capture some of the wonders of this mystical land on Canonix's magical picture box soon?


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