Thursday, July 16, 2009

Moozikal Enlightenment!!

The general store owner yawned and put on his glasses. He hated having his siesta disturbed. But then, not a very idea is it having a siesta in your store while the store is still open and you expect business? But I digress. The owner looked up. There was something about the bearing of the visitor that warranted his full attention. "I am looking for the right ingredients," said the visitor. He handed over a list to the owner. "I am sorry but these we have not. Well, except for the bass, we can give you that." He walked inside and returned carrying a fish that had clearly spent quite some time away from the sea. "No you doofus," said the visitor. "I want bass. Moozik. Bass. Bam bam boom boom Bass. Savvy?" "Aah my apologies, Sir. But that we have not." The visitor sighed and walked out without another word.

The visitor sat on the bench on the sidewalk, crossing out another name in his long list of potentials. He had had little luck so far with his wishlist. Well, he had got volume, but that was easy, all he had needed to do was use some cheek samples from the town crier. He had just one place left to visit, but once he saw the name of that place, he wondered aloud why he had not just gone there in the first place. "Utopia of Music. They are the best in the business after all. Let me go there now," he thought, and being one of those people who believe that actions speak louder than words, he went there. And the old wizened owner who looked like he would fall if the visitor clapped in his face saw his list, and said, "Now, now. Let me see. Interesting, very interesting indeed. Bass. I have that in good measure. User friendliness. Check. Casing. Check." And a large number of checks followed as he went down the list. At the last one he paused. "Awesomeness. Now, now, that is something you must find on your own. And I know you will, for we have met before, haven't we?"

"Yes. I last came here as a portable disc player. Before that I was a Walkman. And my memory cheats me before that, but I think I was one of those antiquated large players with black discs and a big horn. The one that dogs listen to when their masters die." "Very true, very true. And do you have the answer now?" "I think so. I have realised that I was setting too much store in these minor items. They all follow from the last one, though it may seem otherwise to most people, and even I have been fooled. But I know now. Nothing is important. I am ready to let go and forsake it all. I see the light." "Well then, be what you were destined to be."

"Yes. I am the Pod-isattva, and I have achieved musical enlightenment. I need to spread this message of musical awesomeness to the world now. It is time for musical Nirvana. No, I'm not talking about you, Kurt."