Sunday, February 20, 2011

I rule you...

I am like our beloved country
with lots of layers and tiers
When both do get wounded
do you shed so many tears
Solutions, problems so many
by us do end, from us do stem
Complex we are, intricate we are
Whatever happens is 'cos of them
But between one and the other
If to choose which to keep at hand
Country then forsaken would be
for me would be the great demand
For abstract the country concept is
Even if it shows real on a medallion
But I, I am very real, and very needed
I can destroy the country, I am the onion!!


At 20 February, 2011, Blogger Neelam Prabhu Gaonker blipped...

now that is some interesting poetry
to pit a vegetable against a country
although am sure you would agree
that the love of both doesn't really come free..... :)

At 22 February, 2011, Blogger mittushi blipped...

Somehow the one on regression ws better.. but i like the comparison concept!


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