Thursday, April 22, 2010

Logistic regression!!

Ten little variables in my logistic line
Killed the one insignificant, now there are nine

Still insignificance seemed to be the model's fate
So I took off one more, now there are eight

Wald's scores told me the model was not even
One more variable died, and now there are seven

Poor chi-square scores put me in a terrible fix
Another independent killed, and now there are six

Now I felt, why at all should I keep them alive
Erase off one more, and now there are five

All this I was doing for a good concordant score
So another chap took the hit, now there are four

Confusion hits now, this killing like a decision tree
Oh what the hell!! One more down, now there are three

A finished model I desire now without much ado
So take off one more, and now there are two

Whee, removing independents is so much fun
I'll remove one more, now there is just one

Now I wonder, am I analyst or revenge-seeking hero
Why oh why did I bring the number down to zero!!