Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Beginning of the End...

My phone rang. Well, actually it sounded a nice tune made famous by Elle Driver as she prepared to kill Beatrix Kiddo. It was the Sun. “On my way,” he said, as I waited under the sun for the Sun to arrive. Needless to say, I was harassed by the sun until the timely arrival of the Sun in an AC car. Several hours later, having seen the Prince flay his opposition to all corners, I was back in my apartment. The performance of the Prince was sandwiched between two weeks of sandwiches, energy drinks and espressos as we tried to make light of the fact that time and tide wait for none, though in this case we were dealing only with the former because the latter does not usually affect a place far away from the sea.

I walked across the Sahara, feeling the heat begin to create beads of sweat on my forehead. The temporal warp beckoned, and as I crossed it, I saw myself in the Arctic, freezing my guts out as I somehow tried to move my fingers across the laptop. But extreme temperatures notwithstanding, it was a ‘delightful’ experience. There was work, and there was more work, and it was good work, so it was fun. The Sun laughed twice in the face of every individual there, under the pretext of narrating an Urdu poem.

Click. Flash. Blinding light. Not the flash, but the sun. Denim-by-two smiled and pocketed the camera for the umpteenth time. Four half-hours of Stuart Little’s uncle eating honey, then four minarets, then four palaces, then food in paradise, then a boat ride to enlightenment. Awesome day.

Back to home base. Plenty of my star sign symbols to eat, along with other denizens of the deep. Liquid bread also flowed freely. Overall a great time.

Return to the war zone, only to see that my company is confined to barracks. Now these barracks are on the summit of the abode of the great eagles, and the three dozen that I possess is cool and windy and the three clawed superhero with an adamantium skeleton watches over me. The war begins next week for me, so will catch up on some rest before that.

The end has now begun. The beginning is finally over, bringing with its end the beginning of the end. The light is now visible at the end of the tunnel.